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5 Tips on Organising your Home Office

Keep the space minimal If your space serves as two rooms, for example an office/spare bedroom, change it so it’s solely dedicated to an office. Your office should be kept minimal to avoid distraction and having other large items in the room won’t help. Plus, you need to be able to make the space your own, especially if you work full...

New Years
5 resolutons for an organized new year

resolution #1: downsize, darling! Consider instituting this post-holiday rule for getting rid of clutter: for every new item (bathrobe, earrings, slippers) that arrives, three things have to say adios. Call it the get organized, one-for-three rule. Before anyone puts away presents, he or she must fill a minimum of three bags for donation to a charity of his or her choice. Now move...

oven stain removal
Miracle Oven Cleaning Secret

  Here's a way to remove the marks and stains from the inside of your oven which you may have thought we permanent.     What you need:   - Baking Soda - Water - Rubber Gloves - Cloth/ dish cloth - Spatula - Spray bottle - White vinegar   Step 1 Empty your oven of all contents include oven shelves.   Step 2 Baking soda paste: fill half a cup with baking soda and add in 3...

dream big
Dream Believe Achieve

This is a great picture highlighting to what we all dream about. Lets check it out...