Miracle Oven Cleaning Secret | Goldie Cleaning Falkirk, Stirling
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Miracle Oven Cleaning Secret

oven stain removal

09 Feb Miracle Oven Cleaning Secret


Here’s a way to remove the marks and stains from the inside of your oven which you may have thought we permanent.



What you need:


– Baking Soda

– Water

– Rubber Gloves

– Cloth/ dish cloth

– Spatula

– Spray bottle

– White vinegar


Step 1

Empty your oven of all contents include oven shelves.


Step 2

Baking soda paste: fill half a cup with baking soda and add in 3 spoonfuls of water. Mix together until you have a spreadable paste similar to this video. Add more baking soda if required.


Step 3

Using a spatula, spread the paste covering the whole oven. Areas which are highly stained will likely need a thicker spread of paste. Once fully covered leave for 12 – 16 hours.


Step 4

Using a damp cloth begin to wipe out the grimy paste. Make sure you push and pull firmly to lift the stains completely off.


Step 5

Spray the oven with vinegar using the spray bottled filled. Wipe down using a new cloth.


Step 6

Finally, using a damp cloth (drain the one used for the vinegar spray) run over the full inside.


Well, that’s it. You can thank us later!