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Window Cleaning Tip of the Week

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02 Aug Window Cleaning Tip of the Week


Mirror and Window Cleaning – Get that Glass Shining One of the most frustrating parts of the window cleaning process is avoiding the streaks that often come after. Many store-bought solutions claim to offer flawless results, but rarely do. Even worse, store cleaners contain chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment. Instead of breathing in those toxic fumes while you clean, try a few environmentally friendly options (that actually work!). A great advantage to cleaning your windows and mirrors with natural products – you already have them in your house. Even better, you don’t have to spend £4 on 750ml of solution that’s gone too soon. Instead, try a mixture of vinegar, corn flour (corn starch), and water to get spotless mirrors. For mirrors take out the corn flour and instead use your favourite citrus essential oil.