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We offer Extensive Office Cleaning, ie IT cleaning, Desks, Telephones, Floors buffed and mopped, and general cleaning throughout. Think twice before deciding to handle your cleaning needs in-house… It WILL cost you more over time!
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Office Cleaning Services provided by us

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19 Jan Office Cleaning Services provided by us

Why choose Goldie Cleaning Services?

These are difficult economic times for many of us, both individuals and businesses. We all need to find ways to save money, but if you are considering handling your own cleaning needs in-house or have been doing so for a while, there are a number of things you should consider.

1. Cleaning is not a revenue-generating activity. If you are using your own productive time cleaning, your business is probably losing money. It may seem like an economical alternative, but shouldn’t you have a little more freedom to run your business?

2. Most businesses cannot afford the professional-grade equipment and supplies necessary to clean their space properly.

3. Most business owners and their staff are not trained or in possession of the proper supplies for treating and eliminating stains or to give their space the kind of professional clean that is conducive to productive work or good business. When these things suffer, so does your bottom line.

4. When a cleaning emergency occurs, who on your staff is on-call to deal with it? Most companies do not delegate that responsibility to anyone.

5. Outsourcing is actually less expensive in the long term for the reasons already listed. Every moment you aren’t running your business, it is losing money. Not having the right equipment or supplies will result in more time spent cleaning and the results will never be as thorough as those of a professional. You also do not enjoy the benefit of insurance or quality guarantees should anything go wrong when you do your own cleaning. Who will pay for that expensive rug or chandelier if it becomes damaged while attempting to clean it yourself?